Your preparations for the summer 2019 with Sahar Ashour

Your preparations for the summer 2019 with Sahar Ashour

Summer fashion and colors are always cheerful, beautiful and vibrant, your choice of bold colors and blended together with more than a summer fashion.

First colors ..

Bold colors such as yellow, red, rose, blue and pink, and white are essential in your choice and the basics of your closet also this summer

Second choose clothes suitable for your body shape.

And away from clothes that show your body defects and show the attractive part of them, Vajmsma differ from person to person, you should choose the pieces that are appropriate for you .. Not just for fashion.


Third the basic pieces that should be present in your closet this summer ..

  • Jacket Jeans: You can not do without this summer, especially in your daily work and easy to coordinate in more than form with skirt, dress, trousers.
  • Wide jeans: One of the most important things in your closet this summer, considering whether it will be suitable for your body or not?
    “Long, long shirts.
  • Skirts in all shapes and colors: It is suitable for all objects and lengths are very comfortable and give an elegant look and can also be coordinated in several forms.
  • Elegant colors: silver and gold at least one of them, whether shirt or skirt, very suitable in the summer especially in the trips and family events and night

Where suits you whether veiled or not ..


Fourth choose the right fabrics for the summer.

  • Avoid fabrics that give you a sense of heat.
  • Cotton, crepe, light linen and chiffon. They give you a feeling of coldness and ideal for sweat absorption due to the softness of their feel.


Fifth Choosing suitable shoes for the summer

  • Open shoes, avoid closed shoes because they are unsuitable with summer, high temperature and sweating feet.
  • Use your foot conditioner to keep it from bacteria and austerity, especially in the summer. With higher temperatures, bacteria and fungi will be born faster.
  • Sports Shoes: The basics of the summer although it is closed but it protects against harmful sun rays, convenient and practical periods of work, walking and long movement.
  • Sandals are the basics of this summer too, they give beauty to your style and complement your style, and you can wear Mainaspak from them both in the morning or at night.








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