Your full guide for most trendy bags in summer 2019

Your full guide for most trendy bags in summer 2019

Summer is here get ready with your fashionable colorful outfits and this will not be complete without the perfect choice of bag! From Straw to embroidery to beaded purses, here are the most trending items to shine during the season. Unfortunately, most of the trend are impractical at all, as you will see below:

First, let me show you my favorite trends in bags:

The lightweight material and its natural tan hue make the perfect addition to your summer bags collection. Choosing this material in circular shape adds a lot to it. I think having a circular straw bag will be a plus indeed to your handbag collection.

Designers everywhere have adopted straw, wicker, rattan, and even bamboo into their collections. My favorite shape is basket bags.

Are beads the most beautiful trend or what! They are the bag of the hour. Any avid Instagram follower must have noticed that they this trend is growing faster than any other. They might not protect our possessions from the rain, but are they cute, nostalgic and fun? Absolutely! For me I loved the wooden beads the most.

Now you can rock your purse by adding tons of colorful embroidery. Adding stitches to your tote will not hurt anybody. On contrary it will looks even more cheery, just like the below photo for personalized Dior tote.

It is time to learn Crochet from your grandmother as it caused a big hit this season, pairing well with an overall boho, summery vibe.

Yes, the wooden “Ark” bags are the most popular, but it’s more fun and unexpected if you opt for this transparent one.

Mini Ruffles bags in my opinion are the most romantic and delicate bags this season.

One of the most innovative designs is the Looped Single Handle bags. The style looks clean and sophisticated; however, it is not very practical.

Like it or not, the Nineties staple is back with the most practical, easy access and safe to wear bag; the belt bag!

I showed you my favorite and now Let’s see the least I like this summer;

I’m sorry but neon is back and not only for clothes but also for bags.  Neon colors are not my favorite in general. However, they brighten up your whole outfit.

For me Shrunken bags or “micro bags” are cute but they are not practical at all! I have a lot of stuff to carry that is why I need to invest more in large totes.

The idea of carrying a clear handbag may seem entirely counter intuitive. Everyone will see your wallet! However, they are bold and fearless.  That is why I am not a big fan of the Transparent “Clear bags”.












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