Women of Avon Stories

Sahar Abolseoud

Hi, I am Sahar Abolseoud, a mother of two; a girl and a boy. I used to live in Kuwait until the event of the Kuwait crisis when we came back to my homeland Egypt.  In Kuwait, I have worked as an Executive Personal Assistant for 4 years and as Deputy General Manager in a Belgian Company in Egypt for another 5 years then took a long vacation of 10 years when I had my first child. But I found out that I can’t just live the easy life, so I entered the world of career once again but as an English Teacher in a language school for 7 years.

During the years off that I decided to take,

I started a page on Facebook and I called it

“7ade2 we 7lw ma3 sa7ar” and shared

people around my experience in cooking!

Yes, cooking.  I’m an excellent chef or

at least that’s what my family and friends

always tell me. So I took this step and

uploaded the dishes and meals that I cook

and attached pictures and details.  I am famous for “KABSA” which is a Saudi dish also you will like my “KOSHARY”. Anyway, I still manage this page and enjoy cooking for my family as it is my hobby. Cooking is art and I love art.

I also love to buy different products and stuff and try new restaurants then share my experience with my family and friends.


Although I have studied commerce but it was not my passion.  I always thought that I fit only where fashion, decoration and art are.   This was the time when a chance of working in an international cosmetic company came to me on a plate of sliver.  AVON you say??? Oh my God my dream came true, I haven’t worked in the sales field before but I had to give it a try.  I worked hard and studied and tried to gather information from here and there. I know that I am only at the beginning of the road but I am sure that I will make AVON proud to have me as one of its members being now the Area Sales Manager of the New Cairo area.

I promised to succeed and I will inshallah,

just wait and see!


This is Sahar and I intend to change my nickname

into “Miss AVON”!!


My motto is: “It’s never too late to achieve your dream”

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