What tools are indispensable for cleaning your home?

What tools are indispensable for cleaning your home?

Your home is your face with yourself, your family and your characteristics in your home!

Are you developing a practical plan to help you clean up easily?


1- The vacuum cleaner

Will get rid of the dust in the sofas.


2. The mop

Choose a mop with a tilting cloth.


3- Small towels

These towels are used to wipe dirt and collect surfaces after cleaning.


4- Cleaning products

Essential cleaning products, which must be selected for solid washable floors and surfaces at home or anywhere in the world.


5 – Air freshener

Be a strategy or a nice fragrance to give you


Clean the kitchen, toilet and bathrooms from the bathroom home of Clorox and sterilizers To always achieve better results in the cleanliness of your home, Clean your utensils.Wash them thoroughly after they are cleaned.










Sahar Ashour


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