Vintage Grandma

Vintage Grandma

Fed up of fast fashion? Start a revolution with your wardrobe by recreating new styles from your mother’s and grandmother’s closets. I wish my mother kept a lot of her stuff and didn’t throw them away. In my opinion that fashion trends are repeating themselves over the years with slight changes and I consider fashion in the era of our parents and grand parents is way better than in our era. If you searched in your grandparents closets you will find a never-ending treasure trove of hats, drawers of carefully stacked boxes of costume jewelry, and racks upon racks of dresses and coats. Trust you will find pieces that you love and will wear time and time again, with the added bonus of sentimental value.

For me the easiest pieces to pull from your grandmother’s wardrobe are, of course, accessories. Vintage clutches and bags or even borrowing gold jewelries such as the coins. As you can style them easily with different styles. Plus, if your grandmother is a different size from you (mine is about a foot shorter than me), no worries there either.

Also, I’ll pick things that have special meaning for ex, her engagement dress. That’s a piece of family history you can reference every time you wear it.

In my opinion your grandmother closet is better than ours today for the following reasons; the quality of the clothes are way better, most of the fabrics were natural (like real linens, wools and other materials) were favored for their durability, they cared about the details much, they gave to much care for the fit as everything was tailored and customized.













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