Use ingredients from your kitchen for your skincare routine

Use ingredients from your kitchen for your skincare routine

We all love nature and appreciate what it offers us.  We use things to eat or to drink and others we use in many aspects of our lives.   Therefore, when it comes to our body’s health we seek natural materials to feel content and pleased.  But how can I get such materials easily?

Don’t go far, you have them already! Where? In your own kitchen! You will be surprised to find many ingredients that you can use when it comes to skincare.

First you have to study your skin type as we have different kinds of skins so that you can choose the right stuff to apply.

These are some examples of products you might already have in your kitchen that can help you take care of your skin.

Coconut oil: Helps moisturize your hair and body

Coconut oil has too many benefits you might have heard about once but never thought of using it rather than cooking.  Well it is time to change that as apart from healthy cooking using coconut oil you can also use it as a moisturizer as a hair mask or on your body safely.

Try to rub your body with coconut oil to have smooth skin. Apply it to your body few hours before bed so that it soaks in.


 Coffee grounds: Remove dead skin and reduce cellulite

Have a cup of coffee but wait! Don’t wash the cup yet.  It’s time for a little skincare routine moment. Take some of the used coffee grounds, add some sugar and coconut oil or olive oil and apply to your skin.  The texture of the ground of the coffee is great for smoothing skin and getting rid of the dead skin as well. Also it was proven that it can also help with the cellulite problems.  Apply, scrub in circular emotion and wash.


Yogurt: Soothes and moisturizes irritated skin

Most of us take yogurt as a healthy snack. Why not use it to also have good skin?  Yogurt contains lactic acid which you find in some of the anti-aging skincare products.  This ingredient of the yogurt helps exfoliate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Remember also to apply it to calm sunburns. And last but not least, use it as a face mask.  Apply to face as your natural moisturizing mask, you can add honey as well, leave for few minutes and rise.


Cucumbers: Reduce puffiness and redness

When you look for spa pages, you find a picture with a lady lying with her face mask on and cucumbers on her eyes! Sound familiar? Have you ever asked yourself why? Well vegetables are full of vitamins and cucumbers are full of ascorbic acid which decreases water retention.   Take a slice of fresh cucumber, leave under your eyes for 10-15 minutes to reduce redness and puffiness of the eyes.

That is all for this time. Stay tuned for another article regarding natural ingredients for skincare.












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