Tricia Guild

Tricia Guild

Talking about it is as pleasant as the fresh colors that embroider the fabrics and walls and spread joy and optimism in the souls, plotter in the arms of houses and apartments,New features of a second nature of integrated seasons, harmonious seasons.From smoky gray to blue, through soft pink and yellowish green, a journey made by its vibrant designs, to move with all its passions and dazzle the eyes.

It is Tricia Guild, the queen of colorful fabrics and the goddess of the arts who has been able to change our vision to cloth, wallpaper and decorative elements, to reveal a season after a season, about a new creative harvest with unfamiliar patterns. The gardens of flowers and beautiful plants, She reflected her mood in translating the rhythm of the seasons and the moods of the seasons.

The artist’s ability to create scenes and draw them in a purely artistic sense makes them able to transform any ordinary landscape surrounding them into extraordinary paintings. They show their vision of the rural climate with mint, apricot and citrus flavors, with sensational visual rhythms.


As an artist attracted by the beautiful Matisse paintings in its cold blue and gray colors, it inscribes its patterns and creations with amazing touches, increasing its richness and attractiveness.

India is also a striking example of the floral decoration that dominates many of Tricia Guild’s collections and creations that have long been inhabited by unexpected coolness.

Tricia Guild is the artistic director of the Designers Guild. It has not ceased to be astonished by its remarkable gift for four decades, moving from success to success, establishing its name and location in the decorative landscape and decoration over a wide map of the countries of the world.

The list goes on and on with its amazing innovations, ranging from textiles, wallpaper and painting to unique furniture, carpets, ornaments and candles. All of these innovations have been implemented in more than 145 tones of color, with their distinctive ambience and unique character.

She began her career with the décor in 1970, working as a color for Indian fabrics, inspired by themes and techniques that helped her design a small group, the first of her collections in her small store on King’s Road. And decorated in color … in addition to the innovations of ceramics. This collection has attracted a lot of admiration, which encouraged them to create more and feed them with other distinctive elements used in home decoration.













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