To choose the right couch

To choose the right couch

Due to the aesthetic effects of the sofa on decors, it is not just a piece of furniture, but a key in every home, given its practical benefits. Therefore, before purchasing a sofa lounge, it can not be judged exclusively by its external appearance, but there are several considerations related to the quality of its ore, colors and places of use, and other factors to reach that occasion for the person’s lifestyle and decorations of his home. In this context, we offer you a range of decorative tips to help you choose the right couch:

  • It is important to note that the sofa upholstery lines are straight and proportionate and the corners are identical and the back cloth is tight and free of any ripples, and the fabrics of the linens do not appear when sitting on them.


  • The structure of the sofa is one of the most important elements that determine its quality. Although the structure is hidden under the fabric, it can be examined by feeling the edges of the sofa to ensure the quality of the material. Note that the corners should not be sharp. You can squeeze different parts of the couch, and if the structure is good, it does not make sounds.


  • Move the seat cushions, and pressure on the bottom cladding, where the stents should be level, good buttresses make the sofa comfortable and flat, and long live.


  • When choosing a sofa with drawings or inscriptions, make sure that the latter is in the middle to perform the desired aesthetic purpose.


  • Ensure that the metal parts of the sofa are soft, and their edges are not sharp. Docking and adhesion lines must be unclear.


  • If the sofa includes jewelry or accessories, such as buttons or cloth headrests, be sure to hold them firmly.


  • It is preferable to sit on the couch for minutes, noting that high pillows are comfortable for a short time, but tired if prolonged sitting. The depth of the seat should fit the size of the person, and the pillows should be supportive and contribute to the relaxation of the back.

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