Tips you need to know before buying your concealer

Tips you need to know before buying your concealer

We always see words like “beige” (pink undertones), “warm” (yellow/olive undertones) , “neutral”, etc..

These undertones are so important to pick your right shade.

If you have warm undertones…you’ll notice hints of yellow, peachy, or golden hues.

If you have cool undertones…your skin leans on the pink, red, and bluish side.

If you have neutral undertones…look for an even mixture of warm and cool tones that balance each other out and make your skin’s natural shade more obvious.

If your main concern is dark circles choose a yellow or orange-yellow-based concealer.
Fair skin tones, use a concealer with pink undertone.
For sun spots or freckles, choose a peachy apricot, and for redness or blemishes, a green or yellow should do the trick.

If you want your concealer to blend in with your foundation for a natural look, we recommend matching the concealer with your same foundation shade

if you want to use your concealer to highlight, you can go one to two shades lighter than your foundation shade, highlighting will give you a great lift for your face.”











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