The most important steps you need to arrange and organize your kitchen

The most important steps you need to arrange and organize your kitchen

Housewives always suffer from chaos in the kitchen, as a result of the abundance of utensils, cooking utensils and food preparation and not to absorb the shelves and drawers of the kitchen, and this increases the time spent by the housewife to arrange the kitchen at the expense of other work ..
The arrangement of kitchens depends on a very simple and intuitive principle: to put things in the least possible space with easy access to them, so you are simply surprised! But how do we apply that principle, there are many and many ideas

– Power cables sometimes cause chaos in the kitchen, so you can use a hidden electrical outlet inside the kitchen table to combine more than one electrical device. As well as your safety and the safety of your children, keep them as far as possible from their hands.

– Hooks to block the cups we use daily:
Some hooks hang under the kitchen top cabinets to hang cups and some utensils neatly and neatly.
– Kitchen corner: dead kitchen corners can be used to install shelves to store dishes and cooking tools in a way that is easy to reach.
– Often the kitchen window is neglected and not used, so the window can be used to install shelves to increase storage space in the kitchen.

– Magnetic Knife Holder
To hold the knives in a way that makes them handy, you can place a magnetic holder on the wall and arrange the knives on them. Preferably placed in a high place for children to reach

Magnetic spice jars
You can distribute the spices in small magnetic bottles and arrange them in an artistic way on the refrigerator instead of in large containers that take up a lot of the kitchen.

-You should know that the cleanliness of the kitchen and its system is reflected negatively or positively on the rest of the corners of the house, make a part dedicated to the garbage, both inside the closet or outside, so make sure to clean the kitchen first-hand and get rid of all waste on a daily basis, to ensure a clean and tidy kitchen. It is best to put the trash by hiding it inside a drawer tray for easy access when needed and not to confuse the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen.













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