The art of shopping – 3 tips from a fashion stylist

The art of shopping – 3 tips from a fashion stylist
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1. Avoid shopping when you are in a bad mood.
Omg, I know most of you do exactly that! Why? It is actually proven that when we go shopping a cocktail of emotions gets activated in our head. While shopping, and we also feel like we are in control of the situation. So if we go shopping while in a bad mood, we are more likely to buy something more expensive, bigger, or in larger quantity just because we need to receive more of this positive feelings it is highly likely to buy at this exact moment.
2 – Have a shopping list with the exact items to buy!
I mean a really precise list. Describe the type of the item, its shade, its shape and how you would like to match it with your current clothes. This will help you ignore the clothes that are not for you in the store. Just pick the one that is related to the list. I know there are temptations out
3- Make sure you have a deadline for your shopping experience.
‏If you don’t limit your time in the mall, you are about to spend hours wandering around, eventually exhausted without buying the items you needed. You can use this rule for your online shopping as well. It can get hours, days, weeks if you don’t set a limit of how long to stare at the screen. You will be amazed at how well this rule works!
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