Sohour Food Ideas in Ramadan for weight loss

Sohour is very important in Ramadan, because this will be your fuel for the next day during fasting. Also, you don’t have to fill your body with unhealthy food to maintain your next day energy because this will lead to weight gain and may feel dehydrated and unfocused during fasting.


Mainly the best main rule for healthy weight loss plan in sohour that I usually do with my clients is to have greens and proteins.Green leafy vegetables are great source of fibers that will make you feel full and contain a lot of healthy vitamins that are needed during fasting day. It contains vitamin A, C, K, fol-ate and minerals like iron and calcium.

Proteins are also important for your body muscles like cottage cheese, foul, you might eat grilled chicken if you are hungry or eggs. Potassium should not be ignored in Ramadan, because this will help your body recover. That will be found in bananas, oranges, Cantaloupe, raisins, date, lentils and kidney beans.

Healthy fats won’t make you fat but they would help you lose weight and focus the next day. So adding handful amount of omegas to your diet is very important, like peanuts, walnuts, cashews.










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