Simple steps to keep your skin fresh in the summer

Simple steps to keep your skin fresh in the summer

In the summer the temperature is very high which exposes our skin to secrete a large amount of fat, and sometimes dry to peeling a layer on the face. During the summer, you only need to use toner and mild moisturizing creams on the skin. Also, choose the tested and tested products globally to avoid skin allergies and pores. You can choose the right range for your skin with the Avon skin care kit.

Our skin varies from person to person..

 Make sure you are an oily skin The type of lye is important because it preserves the oily skin and helps to restore the pores to its normal, but excessive washing of oily skin during the day is not healthy, it is not recommended to wash the skin more than twice a day, excessive oily skin wash, Increases the secretion of natural oils to compensate for loss, and ends up with excess oil on the skin continuously instead of getting rid of them. You can also choose the right lotion for you from AVON.

Don’t use makeup in a daily or exaggerated way in the summer ..

Your skin is very sensitive in this weather, it is best to reduce the use of make-up, for example, the foundation cream becomes more susceptible to solubility during high temperature and sunny days, which may cause clogged pores, and become more susceptible to the appearance of pimples .. Use some powders over the eye And the placement of eyelashes permanently harms them and makes them fall faster.

Drink a lot ..

Choose from what you crave vegetables and fruits, especially fruits containing vitamin C and apple, the most important of which moisturizes the body, whether inside or outside the body needs liquids up to 2.5 liters a day of water or fresh juices or other drinks such as tea, mint or anise It is known that coffee, black tea and carbonated water are not counted within the 2.5 liters needed by the body.

Night Routine ..

Use appropriate night refreshments after a long day of stress and stress.

Use cold compresses ..

Put a small, damp towel in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and then put it on your face to make sure your skin is clean and feel relaxed and bright before sleeping.

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