Ramadan Nights

Ramadan Nights

In Ramadan, we used to think all the time about what we will eat, nowadays all what we think about is what will we put on for today?


What will be my outfit? A very tricky question that became every girl’s concern, because as we all know Ramadan outfits got different concept and spirit at the same time.

Despite the rapid change in fashion every year, beduian style became the most important among all the looks especially in Ramadan and shohour special events. On the other hand we have lots of choices during the holly month that suits iftar and special outings such as abaya weather opened ones or kaftan style abaya.

Abaya’s designs now are more fashionable and trendy after adding more colors and the oriental touch as well which makes it suitable for all ages. As for the main colors of Ramadan are blue ,red, green and the oriental tent fabrics and loads of printed fabrics with Ramadan spirit all over, also can be styled with mules which suit Ramadan outfits the best.





Hagar Ghareb





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