Postpartum Workout

Postpartum Workout

New moms experience emotional, physical and psychological and lifestyle change.

Everything is new and the healing process has begun. New moms might be eager to Bounce Back and return to their pre pregnancy state of body shape and emotional health.

Working out will help new moms to navigate their new world by focusing on a positive mindset and the goal of being fit for life.

For me as a per and post-natal trainer and a mom. I am very mindful of the postpartum depression challenge.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, an estimated 14 to 23% of pregnant deal with depression, and 5 to 25% experience postpartum depression and actually physical activity is an excellent cure and can heal it by 40%.

So if you are a new mom, it’s always a very good decision to work out because workout will put you back on the healthy living track.

Ask your doctor when you can start working out and Do it!

Follow a healthy nutrition plan and programmed workout by a certified pre and post-natal trainer and probably you will be breastfeeding and this will be a bonus because it will increase your metabolism and will help you lose weight fast.

All healthy food in a postpartum nutrition is perfect for you and your baby.

Programmed workout will also help decrease postpartum depression and lose weight and get back in shape in no time.

Your workout should include Strength training, functional training and flexibility focusing on strengthen the core muscles and back muscles.

Functional training simply is a full body workout that works on several muscles at the same time.

Keep your workout consistent to 3 times per week 30 to 45 mines is great.

Be mindful of your recovery, eat healthy food full of protein, fruits, green veggies and healthy fats and small amounts of carbohydrates

Be mindful as well of your vitamins and mineral intake and decrease the amount of refined sugar to the least as it will increase the postpartum depression and instead go for dark chocolate, peanut butter for example if you craved sugar so bad.

Empower your new mommy life to build a strong body and confident healthy lifestyle for you and your family.







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