Poached Eggs (Benedict)

Poached Eggs (Benedict)


1 Egg (cold)



1 Tbsp Vinegar


  1. Fill 3/4 of a small saucepan with water
  2. Turn on medium heat
  3. Leave the water until it is simmering (not boiling)
  4. Add vinegar to water
  5. Crack cold egg in a small bowl
  6. Stir the simmering water very quickly
  7. Drop the egg into the saucepan while the water is still moving in circular motion
  8. Leave the egg for 2 minutes
  9. Remove egg from saucepan onto a kitchen paper towel to dry
  10. Serve as preferred (better serves warm over an oven toasted piece of bread or toast)












Eman Naguib


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