K-Beauty Moisturizing Hand Cream

K-Beauty Moisturizing Hand Cream

We all do our best to take care of our skin but sometimes we forget to moisturize our hands as it is a very sensitive area where you can easily notice the wrinkles even in early aged time if not taken care of. And as usual, Avon is presenting a fantastic product for this reason without any heavy or oily feeling.

Avon is presenting three kinds.  I have used all of them and have loved them all

-K-Beauty Cream (The blue one) with milk that moisturizes hands, and is easily absorbed

-K-Beauty Cream (The yellow one) with Acacia which helps the skin to adapt to different environmental conditions

-K-Beauty Cream (The red one) with lotus flower extract, helps to relief the skin and treats wrinkles.

It comes in a tube of 30gms

Use it when necessary by adding a small amount then rub and keep in your bag












Sahar Abolseoud

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