How to take newborn photography easily 

How to take newborn photography easily 
How do you take newborn pictures like a professional?
Well, you might be surprised but you can get precious newborn pictures without any expensive gear. All you need for achieving a good picture is a camera, some creativity, and the right camera angles. Even babies have some angles that they look adorable in and some that are not so good for
them. Study the pictures that are already out there. For beginners recreating a picture is not something you need to be ashamed of. As you go, you will learn what angles are the best but for starters just do what everyone is doing. If itʼs working out, then stick to it for now. Later as you go, you can invest in a better camera body, a lens, and a tripod.  For now, all you need is a  working space and a decent  camera. You can use books  or shelves as a tripod for now.
Aliaa Shrief

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