How to take care of your hair during summer

How to take care of your hair during summer

Taking care of our hair is as important as taking care of our skin during the hot season. The sun, saltwater and chlorine can damage our hair if we are not taking good care of it.

Follow these tips for all hair types to ensure you are taking care of your hair while enjoy your time in the sun.

  1. Start summer with a trim

Whether you have long or short hair, the summer weather can make the ends of your hair dry and brittle, get rid of split ends and refresh your style. You might need a mid-season cut, too. Hair really does grow faster in the summer.

Regular trims – every 2-4 weeks – can bring even the most damaged hair back to life!

  1. Cover up

Try to cover your hair as much as you can as the UV rays that you get from direct sunlight can damage your hair and cause breakage.

  1. Condition and moisturize 

Condition your hair and moisturize it even in the beach or pool. keep a leave-in conditioner in your beach bag so each time you come out of the water wash your hair with clean water then apply a generous amount of conditioner to lock the moisture in and protect it from the UV rays.

  1. Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

You may be washing your hair more frequently to deal with summer’s sweat. Try using a clarifying, or anti-residue, shampoo once a week to clear away product buildup and chemicals. Just be sure to follow with a deep-conditioning treatment.

  1. Skip the hot tools

Give your hair a break from blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. Instead try different hairstyles away from the heat like put your hair up in a bun, a braid, or ponytail or make it work-ready with accessories like a thin headband or pretty barrettes or the trendy hair clips.

  1. Color Care

If you want to change your hair color during the summer, do it a month or two before the sun hits hard. However, if you have recently colored your hair, try to avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight as much as possible as it may bleach your hair










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