How to take a sunset photo 

How to take a sunset photo 

But sometimes the camera doesn’t seem do as good a job as our eyes, am I right?  I find this especially if I’m shooting with my digital camera in Auto Mode.  Then, on top of it not being as good as our eyes, I’ll pull out my iPhone, snap a shot, and the darn thing looks better on my silly phone!  What’s with that?


There’s some tips for this kind of photos Like , change the white balance on your phone to shade to get more golden or warm tones , compose your

scene very well compose your shot with 2/3 sky and 1/3 foreground , also use your flash if you’re on automatic mode And here is you also use a golden hour app that not only tells when and where the sun will go down but also

where the light is coming from















Aliaa Shrief


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