How to prepare your skin before applying makeup for the best results

How to prepare your skin before applying makeup for the best results

Taking care of our skin before applying makeup is very important as it protects the skin and it ensures that it goes on evenly and stays. The better your skin looks to begin with, the better the makeup will look.

Here are some steps that you can follow to prepare your skin before makeup application

  1. Cleanse

This is the first and most important step of all. You have to get rid of the first layer of dirt and oil by using a cleanser to wash your face. Depending on your skin type, you can go for a gentle cleanser or a stronger one, if your skin is oily. Be gentle when cleansing, be sure to rinse thoroughly and pat your face dry, and don’t rub.

Using warm water will help open the pores and lift dirt and bacteria from the skin, but avoid water that is too hot as it can dry out the skin.

  1. Exfoliate

Once or twice each week, you should exfoliate your skin to get rid of any build up on your skin.

Getting rid of impurities, oil and dirt is not enough. It is important that you also rid your skin of all the dead cells. If you are going to do this regularly, choose a scrub that isn’t too harsh for your skin.

  1. Toner or Serum

Once you have exfoliated your skin well, apply a toner or serum and wait for a few seconds for it to dry. Toner is useful for those with extremely oily skin, while serum works wonderfully for those with dry skin as it hydrates the face. This is a step that we often tend to skip but is an important one.

  1. Eye Cream

The area around your skin is fragile and thin so make sure you put your eye cream correctly to even out uneven skin tone. Much like serums, your eye cream is expected to be thin. It helps to moisturize and even out the skin tone around your eyes so that you look more awake.

  1. Moisturizer

Whether your skin is oily or dry. Before applying makeup you will want to use a light moisturizer to not make the base oily. Make sure you use a moisturizer that suits your skin-type, and offers an all-day hydration and most importantly contains a minimum of SPF25.

One way to apply it is to press the moisturizer on to your skin instead of rubbing it in. This will allow the solution to properly seep into your skin and stimulate your skin cells.

At last but not least,

  1. Primer

Primer acts as a protective barrier that prevents your moisturizer and skin’s oil balance from mixing with your makeup. Primer sets the base for a flawless makeup application. Primer also acts as a barrier to fill in any lines in your skin so that makeup does not crease in them. Priming the face and the eyes is a must.

  1. Breather

After you’ve done these simple steps to prep your skin, wait for a couple of minutes to let your skin breathe before you apply your makeup. This will let your skin soak in the nutrients of the serum and also give you the perfect canvas to apply your makeup.

So, say goodbye to flaky skin, patches and rough skin for good with this skin care routine that will prep your skin for makeup!









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