How to know your skin type easily 

How to know your skin type easily 
-Dry skin: feels tight in the morning and may be itchy , it has dull appearance.
-oily skin : it has a shiny appearance and produce oils in the T-zone and cheek area,pores also may enlarged and it has prone to blackheads and acne.
-combination skin: usually dry on the cheeks but oily on the T-zone, enlarged pores usually on the nose , it is oily on the T-zone but dry or normal on the cheeks.
-sensitive skin: reacts negatively to many products ,often breaking out or becoming very dry , it also my became red or hot when touched , may be itchy.
_ normal skin: none of the above , it has dewy appearance and no major skin issues.
Every skin type has a daily routine and you have to use the products that fits your skin types with this order:
1- cleanser
2- toner
3- serum
4-moisturizing cream
5- eye cream
Donia Ramy

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