How to contour to flatter your face shape

How to contour to flatter your face shape
  • OVAL FACE:  Forehead is slightly wider than the chin, with high cheekbones. Contour Guidelines: Oval faces really suit the basic 3 contouring outline: do the basic shape of 3 from your temples to below your cheekbones to the outside of the upper jaw.


  • SQUARE FACE:  Forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are all the same width. Contour Guidelines: The goal here is to create a more oval shape, so add more contour to the corners of your face (the outer corners of your forehead and jaw). Then add a subtle contour underneath your cheekbones, bringing it up to just below your temples


  • ROUND FACE:  Facial width and length are roughly the same size. Contour Guidelines: If your face is a little round, contouring can add major definition. In general, you want to stick to the 3 contour framework. Contour along the outer edges of your forehead, at your temples, and under your cheekbones, then continue the contour around your jawline, avoiding the chin. By leaving the chin free of contour, it will help to add more height to your face, creating the illusion of a longer, more oval face shape.


  • LONG FACE: Forehead, cheekbones, and chin are a similar width. Contour Guidelines: To balance the length of your face, instead of adding contour to the sides, you should contour along the top of your forehead and below your chin and jawline, which will help to create the illusion of a shorter face. Add depth to your cheekbones by keeping the contour more horizontal and curving it under your cheekbones.













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