Hands and nails care

Hands and nails care

For healthy nails, bear in mind what you’re working with. While the part of the nails on show is made up of Keratin is dead, the underlying nail bed is full of blood vessels, which should bring a pink glow to your nails. At the edges of the nail, the skin overlaps and this is known as the cuticle.

Cutting this area, chewing it down or trying push it back during a manicure is not a good idea, as the cuticle protects the nails bed from germs and fungal infections.

Like your hair and skin, your nails will need very little beauty work and will already look shiny with a smooth surface, if you’re in a good health. If not, they’ll probably be crumbly and quick to snap. Here’s is how to boost their beauty potential.

The five minutes manicure

Step one 

Trim nails (don’t bite them off or rip them) to the length you want then file them into shape with a buffer (this also shines the nail).

Step two

Rub oil or cream into the cuticles and then soak in warm water for 1 minute. Massage your hands as you t

Step three

Dry and then gently push cuticles back with an orange stick and clean under the nails to get rid old polish. Massage on hand cream

Step four

Now apply a base coat of polish if you’re going for a color and then two coats of polish.

Step five

lie back on the sofa and allow at least two minutes for the polish to dry.

Nails problems and how to treat it

Problem: split, flaking nails

Reasons: constantly dipping your hands and nails into strong soaps can cause flaking and splitting. This is because the detergent (which you probably use to wash grease off your plates) wears down the surface of the nail stripping the keratin.

Treat it: by wearing rubber gloves when you wash up

Problem: brittle nails.

Reasons: bad diet.

Treat it: eating more dairy products, spinach, carrots, dried apricots and oily fish and seafood. This will add iron, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and zinc to your body essential for strong nails. Also make sure you cut your nails instead of biting them off as this make them prone to flaking.

Problem: Yellow nails.

Reason: nail varnish overdose.

Treat it: always removing your nail varnish and washing the nails with soapy water before reapplying. Then always use a base coat to protect the nail plate from staining.

Problem: nails with white spots

Reason: not a sign of lack of calcium but either a mild trauma ( such as a knock) to the nail plate as a nail was growing or a sign of a zinc deficiency.

Treat it: eating more pulses, seafood, red meat and pumpkin seeds to increase zinc levels in your diet.

Problem: hangnails

Reason: these are caused by lack of folic acid and a vitamin C deficiency.

Treat it: eating at least four or five servings of  fruit and green leafy vegetables a day.

Problem: pale nails beds

Reason: pale or bluish nail beds are a sign of anemia and iron deficiency.

Treat it: increasing your intake of meat, sardines and cereal.

Keep your nails beautiful by:

Regularly filling them into shape. Avoid a metal file as this is often too strong for the nails. Use acetone-free varnish, which won’t dry out the nail and leave it flaking. Rub moisturizing cream into the hands and nails daily. Give yourself a break from false nails ( at least every two weeks).  Use a nailbrush to clean under the nails and whiten the tip.  Don’t forget to protect your hands in the sun. For a real boost, use a face mask on your hands once a week. Massage your hands and fingers to improve circulation move from the wrist all the way up the length of one finger, and repeat.











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