Frizzy hair hacks

Frizzy hair hacks
1- brush your hair thrice in a day this will evenly distribute natural oils across your hair, keeping it frizz free and moisturized.
2-drop some moisturizer on a frizzy ponytail by squeezing some lotion in your palms and rub the together and run them through your hair to lend a polished look .
3-sleep on a satin /silk pillow,this is an effective hack , sleeping on a satin silk pillow retain the moisture in your hair ,unlike cotton that absorbs it all.
4- once a week use only conditioner: a harsh shampoo can strip your hair off its natural oils, and therefore , at least once a week skip shampooing, and use only conditioner it contains surf act ants that cleanse hair effectively.
5- don’t use a towel to dry your hair after shower because it makes it more fizzy and  hard to brush , use a piece of cotton like a cotton T-shirt or a microfiber towel to dry it , it will be more soft and easy to comb, it helps to control your hair fizzing also.
6- apply leave in conditioner before workout it is a great idea to tame the frizz that follows
Donia Ramy

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