For a Radiant and Brilliant Skin during Ramadan

For a Radiant and Brilliant Skin during Ramadan

You should:

  • Drink lots of water between iftar and sehour, you need at least 10 cups of water.
  • Reduce soda and sugary drinks.
  • Eat foods that are rich of fibers:

Vegetables {broccoli , carrots , okra , artichoke, green peas }

Fruits {banana , orange , strawberries, watermelon, apples}

Nuts { almonds , pistachio, cashews}

Brown rice and spaghetti whole wheat

  • Apply sunblock during the day.
  • Use a hydrating moisturizer that makes up for lack of water consumption during the day especially with the dry skin and don’t forget to use the flower water twice per day for cooling hot and sensitive skin.




Sandra Kadri

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