For a comfortable office

For a comfortable office

To provide an ideal environment for study, a separate room can be allocated if sufficient space is available, or a portion of the study will be allocated in the children’s bedrooms or a corner of the living room in narrow spaces. In this context, we offer you many designs that may help you find the right office.

1. It is necessary to design enough space for study, with a table that can be divided into the number of children. It is preferable to leave an area of ​​a meter width and a depth of at least 60 centimeters per pupil.

2. It is important to provide an ergonomic chair, as well as storage units for keeping pens and papers inside.

3. Provide a board needed by the mother to stimulate the son The daughter to study by fixing pictures of the lessons and research he had already done, or even a table dedicated to the study decorated with stars.

4. A hanger must be installed on the wall or inside a hidden cabinet, with the aim of suspending the bags.

5. The study corner wall can be decorated with a world map, or an educational “poster”, in the return to school season.

6. In the study room, the office table can mediate the space, or the table can be mounted on the main wall to take advantage of the largest amount of space, especially if the number of children exceeds the two, or the bottom of the window to extend on its sides or in the form of “L” or “U “Latin, with the aim of obtaining a plethora of natural light helping to focus.

7. If the study corner occupies a part of a bedroom, the office table must lean to an empty wall or occupy part of the cupboard.

8. The floor cover is decorated with a carpet patterned with alphabetic letters or colored numbers.

9. When furnishing the room, it is best to fit the study desk wood and shelves, with the colors of the room furniture. If the study corner is added to the bedroom in the original, the choice of the wood of the office is unlike the color of the furniture wood, which causes the contradiction in the table. For example, a “counter” can be selected, filled with wood and neutral color, topped with white shelves that match any color in the room. You can also mix several colors in the office table through the grounder.

10. It is necessary to provide direct lighting of the “Abagor” desktop moving, and indirectly in the shelves or down or down the office, as well as lighting the entire room.

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