“Follow Your Dreams” – Video Series

A new video series that will make you fall in love with how amazing women can be:

Avon is committed since 130 years to empower women worldwide.
We proudly feature our branding called Beauty For A Purpose that stands for our commitment in always being at the side of women.

We have over 6 mln representatives worldwide that, through our brochure, make their lives more economically independent and find self-fulfillment by managing their lives in balance with an economic opportunity.

We believe that every woman is beautiful and strong, extraordinary and unstoppable.

In Egypt we have a started many different actions all of them aiming at showing how exceptionally empowered women can be, that they can be achieve any target and overcome any challenge.

For this reason we are planning a series of interviews with exceptional women, like you, who can share their experience and feelings about their being “out of the norm” hoping this message will be an inspiration for many other women and, above all, for the young generation of Egyptian girls.

This is just a taste of the video series that will start next week

Stay tuned and find out more about these amazing women

Yara Shalaby


Yara is  the only female cross country rally racer in Egypt and one of very few in Middle East and worldwide: she won several well-attended local races and international races for the past 5 years held in Egypt, UAE, and Qatar including Pharaons Rally 2014 and was the first on the national category, First on 2016, and Second on 2014 National Championship.

Committed of being the FIA (Federation of International Automobiles) Egyptian ambassador of the sport, and a member of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission.

And she is the only Arab driver chosen among 9 drivers from 38 countries from all around the world to attend a 5 day training program in Qatar under the supervision of the FIA and QMMF.

We loved Yara at first sight for her dedication, passion and courage to be different and daring. Her pursuing a dream despite this dream would not fit the society pre built rules, is what makes her one of our inspiring empowered women.
Enjoy this interview with Yara and get inspired.

Amany Khalil

Amany Helmy Khalil, the 50-years-old mother of two, is the first Egyptian woman in this age category to complete the Ironman Triathlon in Barcelona, Spain on October 2, 2016.

The Ironman Triathlon consists of a three sequential stage competition that includes a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run, without a break.

This high endurance extreme sport is considered the most challenging single day event in the world.  Many competitors are professional athletes, but as it is gaining popularity the sport is attracting people from all walks of life. Amany is among many who have joined the growing Triathlon generation in Egypt.

A business administration graduate from the AUC, Amany worked for some major banks and financial corporations in Egypt. Unable to continue in an unfulfilling career, and with the encouragement of her mother, Amany turned to sports. She became a certified aerobics instructor and sports became her career and passion.

Hind Waguih

one of Egypt’s first and few female bodyguards whose background, according to Al Arabiya, varies from Muay Thai to Karate, to Kung Fu and Aikido, to football defense on an all-women football team.

Wajih studied physiotherapy and physical education in university, trained for bodybuilding at a company, and then, she was able to work in protecting ambassadors and diplomats after having completed a course at the German Institution. However, the journey was a long and difficult one for Wajih, who shared the fact that many gyms wouldn’t initially hire her because of her gender.

The iron lady, who is still in her 20s, is currently hired by public figures, VIPs, and some celebrities – but according to Al Bawaba, she dreams of one day protecting President Al Sisi himself.

Jessie Yehia

Founder of Egypt Female Bikers, the first and only community for female bikers in Egypt.

Jessie is an HR Director of a multinational company – she is a successful career woman and also very passionate about riding motorcycles. She started riding motorcycles since 2011 and back then she was really looking for female companions to join her passion.

This is where she thought of starting the community – by encouraging all the females who wants to join/try this hobby/sport and also empower them with contacts for riding schools, contacts of bikes dealers, awareness sessions and all the information they need about safety and types of bikes…etc.

Jessie was successful to grow this community in Egypt and she managed to make a great impact in the society on people’s perspective of females riding motorcycles in the country.

She was featured in many magazines like Al Yom el Sabe3, Auto Club and Ain Magazine. She was also a guest of honor many TV programs like Hezb Al Kanaba.

Jessie and her group represented Egypt in a global event that is organized by Motoress in USA for the female bikers all over the world in 2014 and 2015. Jessie’s passion is to empower the Egyptian women in any way – and to support those who stand tall and want to be different!



Reem Fawzy

        Co-founder and owner of pink taxi for women, the idea for this project is supporting women to have a private and safe ride and it’s not allowed for men to take this taxi.

She faced some difficulties at the beginning for having a license for women to work as a taxi but that doesn’t stop her she raised a complain to the traffic manager and successfully reached the minister of interior, he responded to her request and supported her to have a private window at the traffic office to get a license for women taxi.

She trained the girls for 2 months on how to drive safety and follow the traffic policies and how to do primitive maintenance to the car and how to behave in case of sudden damage.

The business started to spread good, the target plan is to reach all the governments in Egypt not only Cairo and now they stared with Alexandria.



A new video series with outstanding girls starts today 🙂 Meet Batoul Captain of the Rugby Team Transforma Panthers.
She is a 23 years old young lady who used to play water ballet during college and due to the exams period she didn’t have time to practice so she stopped play water ballet. after a while she tried many sports to keep herself fit and found herself with the Rugby and this sport became her passion.

Listen to Farida Osman telling us about her amazing story, Farida Osman we have been absolutely honored to have you sharing your story with us! A beautiful example <3

Check out the amazing story of the international but home grown DJ Player Mayan Fawaz ❤️❤️❤️ proudly representing Egypt.

Check out the amazing story of Alia El Zenouki leader of the ladies football team (Transforma Team)

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