Essential Tips for Skin Care

Essential Tips for Skin Care

Does your Skin look Pale?
Do you have Dry Skin?
Have Dark Circles under your eyes?
Don’t Worry, WE GOT YOU.
And we have some tips for you;)

1. Remove your makeup before going to bed:
No matter how tired you are, Always make sure that you take off your makeup at the end of the day because it’s so important for your skin to breathe and to renew.

2. Cleanse and Moisturize:
Your skin needs to be taken care of too. After removing your makeup, cleanse your skin with a foam cleanser or any face wash that you use and don’t forget your night cream to moisturize your skin at night.

3. Hydrate:
Believe or not, Water is an essential part in your skin care routine. Your skin cells are part of your body and they’re made up of cells and cells are made up of water. So without adequate amount of water, your skin will start to fade and dry.

4. Eat the RIGHT Food:
If you want your skin to be healthy and radiant, you have to cut off the junk food you eat and start eating the right food such as: Fish, Oatmeal, Avocado, Yogurt, Walnuts, Sweet Potatoes, Dark Chocolate, Green Tea and More .










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