Essential things in your handbag you can’t do without

Essential things in your handbag you can’t do without

Which things should be?

1- Makeup Bag:
No need to tell you? These three products are enough to get the right look at all times.

2- Nail File:
Sometimes, happens to be broken?

3- Portfolio:
Choosing a bag size is something that comes to your needs and your articles?

4- Mint or gum:
Feeling bad breath after eating.

5. Perfume:
You should be in your bag

6. Hand Sterilizer:
Keep your handbag in your bag

7- Hairpins and Hair Clips:
Humidity and heat may spoil, anytime you are out.

8- Candy & Chocolate:
At times when you feel spinning due to lack of energy or approaching the menstrual cycle.

9- Wipes:
Do not go tissue paper in your bag

10 -Sanitary napkins:
So far, do you know?

11- Mobile charger:
We use mobile in many things!

12- Aspirin
Do you have spoils with family or friends?

13. Lotion:
Do not forget the first rule to maintain your natural beauty:

14 – Sunglasses and keeper:
There will be nothing going on around the sunglasses to protect your eyes. Do not leave it in the bag.

15- Pen:
Are you expecting?

16- Personal work card: “working women”
Keep personal cards for you to present to the people you newly recognize.












Sahar Ashour

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