Don’t follow the trend

Don’t follow the trend

A piece of advice for all the ladies out there, don’t follow the fashion trend if it doesn’t suits you, follow what suits your body type for example if you have a slim body focus more on free size outfits and make it colorful, putting on an one color outfit will highlight how slim you are rather than showing some curves which colors can help.

The same goes for over sized clothes wish will not suit girls with bigger curves, that might make you looks fatter and that’s not what you are looking for. If you are veiled try to change how you cover your head so that it won’t end up you hating how you look in hijab.

Make your own fashion trend, be unique in your own way that will make you confident in anything you will put on, and be confident that it’s you who will make the best out of your outfit not the other way around.







Hagar Ghareb

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