“Don’t change yourself , Change the game “

“Don’t change yourself , Change the game “
There’s nothing difficult now days , nothing called impossible , no one is going to be forces to change her life or how they look just in order to go with the flow.
Me as a fashion blogger i can change anything for my hijab, specially that we became  more open to the idea of veiled women They started taking they right more than before and now everything is available for them. The most important thing is her confidence, her faith in what she is doing.
Usually i hear it from a lot of veiled girls that they can’t arrange their clothes and this’s the one of their main problems they face while going out or traveling. But am here to tell them you can do all of that and  look beautiful, fashionable too. You just have to know how to do it right.
First of all you have to pick the right item for each occasion For example if you are going to your work wear something simple, While going to the gym wear suitable comfy clothes. And nowadays there’s gym clothes & swimming suits designed specially for veiled women. You just have to choose what suits your body shape, the place or the event you are going. My role here is to advice the veiled women what to wear, at the same point fits her perfectly, I will help her feel confident in how she looks.
Salma NourEldine

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