Danette Ice Cream Kunafa

Danette Ice Cream Kunafa


1 kilogram Kunafa (shredded in food processor

Butter or Ghee to fry the Kunafa

4 measuring cups Danette Vanilla

6 tablespoons rosewater

1 cup sugar syrup

1/4 cup roughly diced pistachios

1 cup ground pistachios


How to cook it

Shred Kunafa in food processor
stir fry in butter or ghee until golden brown
add sugar syrup to kunafa, stir and let cool
empty 8 cups of danette vanilla in a large bowl
add 6 tablespoons rose water and whisk
add coarsely chopped pistachios and stir
in a square pan, add an even layer of kunafa and press evenly
add an even layer of danette mixture and smooth with spatula
add another layer of kunafa
add another layer of danette
freeze until firm
cut in squares and serve topped with a drizzle of sugar syrup and ground pistachios












Eman Naguib



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