Chia pudding recipe

Chia pudding recipe
If you need something new to have in your breakfast , this super easy overnight chia pudding is creamy and perfectly sweetened throughout. This recipe is vegan, and naturally gluten free!
Other than the delicious flavor, my favorite thing about this vanilla chia seed pudding recipe is that I can throw the ingredients into a container the night before and when I wake up it is ready to eat.
You can also enjoy this easy vegan chia seed pudding as a snack or a dessert. If you are like me and always looking for something tasty that is also healthy, then this is a great recipe to add to the mix. You will be surprised by how well your children will gobble it up too!
You will need to make it :
– chia seeds
– Vanilla
– Coconut or almond milk
– Maple syrup
– Add all the ingredients to a glass container , stir well, cover and refrigerate.
– Enjoy in 3 hours or the next day.
And here you have a very healthy snack to take in any time
Donia Ramy

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