Can Love Last?

Can Love Last?

There is no love and no respect for the non-existent, which is not in the understanding and the great gap in relations ..
The language of dialogue and understanding is the basis for the success of any relationship consisting of two or more parties. If you speak freely and understand correctly and maintain the freedom of opinion and persuasion, whether between a mother, a father, a son, or a six-year-old, no party, whatever his age or strength, has the right to impose his opinion on the other party. Many relationships destroyed because of nerve and tension and homes where the people lived for their children only !! And died affection and love and compassion among them in the nerve and hold the opinion and their is no language respectable dialogue!

What do you think about the speech, and is it a limit for you, or you have lived a position that is related to the words?
My advice is that you will not be insulted by anyone, no matter what the circumstances.









Salma Zahran

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