Be Fresh for the Eid

Be Fresh for the Eid

Today I want to talk to you about how to take care of your body at Eid, First of all Happy Eid to all, of course some of us tired from Ramadan and it’s the time to take a rest and relaxation and this takes us to the second thing.. my daily routine for a long lasting recovery …

1 –It is necessary to take a shower once a day at least.

2 – I love to use the Dray Brush that it have to be used on a dry body, I will talk about it more and everything related to it on another day.

Because I always choose Avon, I will tell you about the products I love very much:

3 – Caramel gel shampoo with a very moisturizing body cleans the body smooth.

5 – After taking a shower you have to make a deep moisturize to your body by using  Faraway lotion. 

6 – I sprinkle on the places of the pulse  Faraway perfume to gives me a very strong smell, that’s what we need.

7 – After all of that you have to drink a fresh juice to get fresh from the inside as well.

Make this routine the secret of your brilliance and refreshment during Eid and non-Eid “Be always confident of yourself, you are beautiful”



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