4 Rules for Matching Your Makeup to Your Outfit

4 Rules for Matching Your Makeup to Your Outfit

Makeup, after all, is part of an overall look, so it makes sense that the elements should be coordinated.

Follow the next 4 rules so you won’t go wrong with your makeup:

Rule 1: stick to one color palette

if you’re thinking of matching your makeup to your outfit (and your outfit is on the bold side), you need to be careful. A bold shade on your face and your body can turn into a disaster. Think about a bright blue sweater with matching blue eye shadow…


Choose an eye shadow in a shade that complements the color you’re wearing, and try to stay away from literally matching this element of your makeup to your outfit. It just doesn’t work in quite the same way as lipstick or blush.

Rule 2: Distribute colors evenly

One way to make sure you avoid a disaster is by evenly distributing your colors. Consider choosing one of your accessories, such as your shoes or purse, and matching your lipstick or eye shadow to that particular item. Not only will this save time, as you’ll only be focusing on a small item instead of a full piece of clothing, you’ll also be coordinated in a way that is even more polished than matching your face to your entire outfit. Red purse? No problem – you can easily find a complementary shade for your lips that will tie the outfit together in a very neat way.

Rule 3: Don’t be too Matchy Matchy

As mentioned earlier, focusing on matching your accessories to your makeup is a great way to avoid being too overdone. Also, take a bit of time before planning your makeup and outfit, and decide which feature you want to play up.                                                                                        Maybe you love to experiment with eye shadow and have big, expressive eyes to work with – if this is the case, make them bold and keep your outfit more muted (think darker, less brash colors). If you swear by animal prints, go  for a leopard-print blouse and match your lipstick to another part of your outfit, such as a belt or your earrings. This way, you’ll be using complementary accents instead of being overly matchy. It’s a much better approach!

Rule 4: Know your stuff

To help you out with this makeup and outfit thing, I’ve put together a little guide below that focuses on specific elements and how to work with them:


If you’re wearing bold colors, you can safely choose a pink or neutral shade for your lips. If you’re rocking jeans and a basic top, you can be more liberal with your lipstick choice, and choose a berry, red, or even orange hue to draw attention to. When choosing the right shade of lipstick, keep lipstick finishes in mind, as they will add or detract from the statement you’ve created!

Eye shadow:

If you’re keeping your outfit in shades of grey or black, this is your opportunity to showcase a smoky eye, and you can even spice it up in shades of plum or brown. It also doesn’t hurt to have a general understanding of which eye shadows work best with certain eye colors, and we recommend doing a bit of research to educate yourself – for example, golds work well with blue eyes while purples are a lovely complement to green eyes.


The great news about blush is, you don’t have to worry about matching! As long as it suits your skin tone – and isn’t the exact same color as the clothing you’re wearing –then you are safe.













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