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  • Nora el Sadat

My name is Nora el Sadat, I am a mother, a wife, and a friend. I graduated from the American university in Cairo with a bachelor degree of mass communication and psychology from University of California in Los Angeles. I do not play piano I do not sing (I wish I could); However, I cook! I am so passionate about cooking and creating new recipes that are easy for everyone. It all started back in 2008; I created a Facebook group “Easy recipes by Nora el Sadat” and I was surprised from the amount of the active people on this group! It was amazing. Then I got hacked so I created a new one but it was a page on Facebook under the same name. Then came the Instagram to our world and found it very useful to reach more people who are interested in cooking and doing new easy meals, so I created an account under the name, “Easy recipes by n” and was very delighted to see how the followers reacted to the recipes and it was so active. Then, I realized that it’s never going to be the end. I want to give more of my work and to make it more clearly to people who are interested not only that, I want it to be more professional and systematic so when you open the recipe you know exactly how you are going to begin step by step.

My goal is to let all homes/newlyweds have a great cook at home meal that is Delicious yet Easy. I am trying to be as creative as I can and to give many varieties as possible to please all different tastes.

When I first fell for cooking and the kitchen, I started by criticizing the food I disliked, it needs more of… it needs to be cooked more/less; this should have been washed like this. As if I am a master chef (I was not even close to a mini chef) I got online recipes that were complicated and implemented them, tasted the flavors, and then re-wrote the recipes to be easier and more simple with the same taste. Then I started doing my own recipes and mixing flavors, spices, & ideas to see what the output will be. I am proud to say that 70% of my trials are a success and 30% of them are completely disastrous, ha-ha. My point is that at some point of your life you are going to get into this kitchen and do something; why not do it deliciously and easily. Many people whom I know did not really like cooking or even entering the kitchen, but when they tried doing a recipe and it turned out to be a nice one they felt rewarded. Let’s all start, let’s all try, let’s all explore the essence of nature in a new meaning. Let’s get butterflies in our tummies but with a new concept.

Finding my passion, I followed what I love most and started taking professional courses all around the world from different cuisines and culinary schools. I even started to educate myself in the field of spices and the idea of extracting natural ingredients. To have a better understanding of what a recipe is and how it could be developed.

I was then introduced to AL MARAI Egypt (dairy products) and became their brand ambassador in the middle east. It was such a wonderful experience working with them. It was so much fun to blend in work and passion to give the best output. Afterwards, CBC SOFRA contacted me to host a cooking show and the idea sounded just right. So now I present “3amayel_edaya” program on cbc sofra for 2 years. The program is all about food and all its aspects; I combine all cuisines in my recipes to give people a variety of different tastes and many options.

Facebook: Nora el sadat

Instagram: Nora el sadat

Email: noraelsadat@aucegypt.edu

  • Ranin

I’m ranin beauty blogger, social media influencer  From April 2018,

studies at fine arts Alexandria university

Instgram page





  • Sahar Ashour

I’m a fashion blogger and, I work as a fashion designer and a co-founder of “Fayrozy Shop “since 2015

I am a mom of 2 childrens one is a baby girl and baby boy

I am graduate from faculty of pharmacy from ERU

 i worked as a pharmacist for two year till i decided to follow my passion for fashion.

So I decided to go on my career then I created my fashion line and I created a brand name for my designs I called it “Fayrozy Shop”

My designs was created especially for Veiled women, cuz I lived my life in Saudi Arabia & in EUA

  I got my passion from the Arab women cause I liked there style especially in veiled, I called my self a fashion addicted so I can’t give up on my passion to fashion.
I wish to support all the ladies in the world and tell them never give up on their dreams and to be always proud of themselves and the most important thing is never forget to dress very well.


  • Sonia Shirazi

Sonia Shirazi, Fitness Coach. I have passion to work with women especially for weight loss and Fat loss and i have been working with them for 7 years.

Certificates i have achieved:

– ISSA international Personal Training Certificate

– Fat Loss Specialist

– Pre and Post Natal Fitness and Nutrition Certified

– Boxing Class and Body Combat international licensed

– TRX international Certified

Instagram account: Sonia shirazi

Facebook page: Sonia Shirazi

Facebook Group: women-bod by Sonia Shirazi

Linkedin: Sonia Shirazi

Email: soniashirazi.s@gmail.com

  • Yasmine Ebeid – Proffesional Makeup Artist
    I am Yasmine Ebeid I work as a professional makeup artist since 2013.
    I am a mom for 2 awesome boys, I studied business administration.
    I am a french educated as I am graduated from sacre coeur school and i was originally a banker since 2006 till 2013 till I decided to follow my passion for makeup.. so I resigned and i went to London makeup school, studied all types of makeup such as beauty makeup, special effects makeup, theatre, filming and face and body painting. I am specialized in fashion makeup and photo-shoots.
    I worked with several agencies and brands such as coca cola , fayrouz and vitrac..
    And now I am so happy that i joined the Avon family working as Avon’s official makeup artist!
    I empower all the women out there to follow their passion and its never too late cause magic has no formula!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makeup_yasmineebeid/


:جنة عبدالمنعم


انا أسمى جنة عبدالمنعم. انا فتاة من بلد الملكة الجميلة كليوباترا. انا مهتمة بأنماط الحياة المختلفة، وخاصة الفيديوهات. لهذا السبب بدأت قناتى باليوتيوب، لأقدم للآخرين رؤيتى للعالم، وأشارك معهم جزء من حياتى

انا مهتمة جدا بالتمثيل، الموضة، تصميم الأزياء، الجمال والميك اب، الرقص، الموسيقى، مشاهدة الأفلام،….وغيرها من الاهتمامات الاخرى. حيث أننى أحب أشياء كثيرة مختلفة، وطبقا للمقولة المشهورة “الانسان المتعلم هو من من يعرف معلومات كثيرة عن شئ واحد، ومعلومة واحدة عن كل شئ”، لذلك أعتقد أنه لا بأس أن أكون في كل مكان.

 “bullying” رسالتى فى الحياة هى وقف التسلط والتنمر والسخط

ونشر الحب والثقة بالنفس. أحاول جاهدة ان انشر هذه الرساله فى العالم كله بطريقتى الخاصة، وسأظل احاول طوال حياتى

بحبكم كتير

عايزين نبقى اصحاب؟

يوتيوب: www.youtube.com/c/jannaabdmoneim

انستقرام:   www.instagram.com/jannaabdmoneim

فيس بوك: www.facebook.com/jannamoneim

تويتر:  www.twitter.com/jannaabdmoneim

:سحر أبو السعود

أنا سحر أبو السعود اتخرجت من كلية تجارة جامعة الكويت. اشتغلت مساعد مدير تنفيذي في الكويت ونائب مدير عام في مصر ومدرسة لغة إنجليزية في مدرسة لغات وأخيرا انضممت لفريق “آفون” الرائع

هوايتي المفضلة الطبخ وعندي صفحة على الفيسبوك اسمها “حادق وحلو مع سحر” بشارك فيها وصفاتي وخبرتي المتواضعة في المطابخ المختلفة .  وكمان بحب أشتري وأجرب منتجات متنوعة من أدوات تجميل وبرفانات وحتى الملابس وبجرب مطاعم كتيرة وبشارك خبرتي ورأيي فيهم بعد كده مع أهلي وأصحابي

“رسالتي “لم يفت الأوان بعد لتحقيق حلمك



:يوستينا هانى حلمى

إزيكم! انا اسمى يوستينا هانى… إتخرجت من كلية تجارة إنجلش سنة 2013 وبدايتى مع إفون كانت من 2014 لما كنت بجيب منتجاتهم زى البرفانات والمكياج واجربها وعجبونى جداا ولسه بجيب نفس المنتجات دى..إفون خلتنى أتعرف على ناس كتير وأتعامل معاهم وكمان إبتديت

.أدور على المنتجات وأقرا عنها كويس عشان أقدر أفيد الناس

 “هدفى انى اخليكى تهتمى بصحة بشرتك وصحة شعرك وجمالك بطرق بسيطة وسهلة عشان

إحنا نستحق ده “

:هبة على

صيدلانيه مصريه

مهتمه بالجمال والمكياج والالوان والمرح والبساطه



:مى على

تملك بلوج مننا فينا

  كاتبة فى بلوج مننا فينا

  تعمل فى مجال الاعلام


:رزق  رضا

 عام32 ، أعمل  بإفون منذ 2012

تخرجت من كلية حقوق جامعة القاهرة

مدرب بشهادة من الجامعة الأمريكية



هوايتى لعب كرة القدم

Hadeer ElHarery:
Certified Fitness Trainer from ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Since 2013.
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition SFN from ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Since 2016.
Health care – CPR/AED Certification from National CPR Foundation (valid till 2019).
Cross Fit Judge Certification November 2015.

Founder and head coach at She Fitness Company for ladies only.

Freelancer Personal Trainer.

Freelancer Nutritionist.

Nermeen Nassef:
Plus size fashion & beauty BloggerBody positivity activest
Member of Middle East Plus Size Fashion &beauty Bloggers community
Makeup & skin care Geek
Facebook page:
Instagram account :

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